Chris Weinhardt
  • Chris Weinhardt

    Chief Executive Officer

Chris Weinhardt oversees all business operations and directs all marketing and communication activities for each of The Enpro Group’s business divisions...

Gary Neumann
  • Gary Neumann

    Chief Financial Officer

Gary Neumann directs and manages all financial activities for each of The Enpro Group’s operations. He has the distinction of being the first employee Enpro...

Patrick Keeley
  • Patrick Keeley

    Vice President, Retail Services

Patrick joined Enpro in 1995 when the company he owned was acquired by Enpro. Patrick’s vision for growth helped develop our national retail services division...

Corey Kaeser
  • Corey Kaeser

    Vice President, Contracting

Corey Kaeser is currently responsible for creating and developing various new business opportunities for the Enpro Contracting Division along with managing all...

  • David Wood

    Vice President, Auto Division

David Wood directs and manages the FirstCut program for The Enpro Group. In 2002 he took the initial concept and championed the project through the development...